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     Their cleaning services are the best! Their cleaning team is professional, respectful, and efficient. They also have lower prices than other companies in the area.
Madeline Valmont21/05/2020
     I was really worried about the house cleaning recently. A friend of mine noticed this, passed me the details for Plumstead Cleaning Services and it's been a match made in heaven. Whereas I might have struggled to keep up, I just welcome to them the house every now and again and they transform everything. I can really get on with everything else in my life and be sure they've got my back. Good cleaning, you know you can trust them.
Katherine Walker05/11/2015
     The dream team (yes, that's what I call them now!) at Plumstead Cleaning Services were terrific. They turned up prepared and definitely had the skills and the expertise required to give my house a deep clean. I was thrilled with what took place and will definitely be keeping them in my phone book.

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